Our Values

BCMS Corporate is a family business operating on a firm foundation of common values shared by staff at all levels within the company; values that played an important role in BCMS Corporate being recognised as the Coutts ‘Best Family Business of the Year’.  We see our core values as a ‘blueprint’ or ‘DNA’.  They are not a simple tick list, but a guide by which policies are formed, relationships are built and our customers are served.

All staff at all levels within BCMS Corporate are encouraged to:

  • Show trust, respect and compassion for others
  • Work in collaboration with colleagues across the business
  • Be passionate about, and committed to, their role and personal contribution to the business
  • Show a willingness to be open to new ideas and embrace change
  • Encourage and support colleagues to perform at their best
  • Be approachable and responsive
  • Communicate clearly, effectively and appropriately at all times

In addition, those within management roles at BCMS Corporate are encouraged to:

  • Show leadership by adopting a consultative approach, being approachable and responsive
  • Communicate clearly and effectively, dealing with staff with fairness, consistency and in a transparent manner
  • Support learning and improvement, making provision for personal and career development, providing clear and constructive feedback, and guidance where it is required
  • Create a working environment where people feel inspired and motivated, are encouraged to perform at their best and to be bold in their action