The BCMS Corporate Full Business Disposal Service

Every potential client who approaches us has one burning question: How much is my company worth? Naturally, when you want sell your most valuable asset, you want a definitive answer. However, it’s fair to say that your company is still only worth whatever a potential acquirer is prepared to pay for it.

And that is where the BCMS Corporate 5 Step Process differs from the traditional method of selling a company. At BCMS Corporate, we understand that selling your company is first and foremost a sales and marketing process. It’s about proactively approaching the marketplace to find the best buyers for your company.

How Do We Achieve Maximum Value For The Sale Of Your Company?

Step 1 – Understanding You and Your Business

Any credible and effective negotiator needs to understand exactly what they are selling and why. During the course of our initial meeting, we will work with you to establish your personal and business requirements. A dedicated Brief Writer will be in attendance to record every detail we require to develop this into an initial briefing document.

Step 2 – Exhaustive Research

Your Research Team will strategically utilise the resources contained within our database of over 50 million companies from more than 50 countries. We use this extensive data resource to typically identify 220 potential acquirers, who are stringently vetted for suitability.

One of the skills that make us globally unique is our ability to find overseas buyers. This has a huge impact in increasing price, even for smaller companies. In addition, it is crucial to look outside your own sector if you want to maximise value.

This research usually takes 5 weeks to complete and is approved by you before we progress to the next stage.

Step 3 – Prospect Generation

When you have approved our initial list of potential acquirers, our Prospect Generation Team will contact each company to assess their level of interest. At this crucial stage your confidentiality is maintained and any detail that could identify your company is withheld. Each potential buyer must then return a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to further details being released.

Step 4 – Face-to-Face Meetings

Initial and exploratory meetings are managed and led by our experienced and skilled Deal Leaders. On average we receive between 4 and 7 serious bids, of which 3 are usually very strong and worthwhile progressing. Before these meetings take place, you will be prepared with a ‘Dry Run Negotiation Meeting’, where your Deal Leader will thoroughly prepare you for what to expect as we enter the negotiation phase together.

Step 5 – The Offer

Following a series of in-depth meetings, offers will be submitted and your Deal Leader will manage these with you.

Your Deal Leader will now introduce the step change business plan. This unique and tailored document shows the future opportunity that exists for the buyer and has a major influence on price.

It’s the Deal Leader's specific responsibility to help you understand each offer fully and provide any necessary assistance with any of the terms which form part of the offer. BCMS Corporate will manage the entire due diligence and legal process.

Our many satisfied clients bear testament to the efficacy of the BCMS Corporate 5 Step Process. You can read about their personal experiences now or you may prefer to attend our FREE Business Seminar or download our FREE ‘A refreshingly different approach to selling your business for its maximum value’ e-book before you go any further.