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A refreshingly different approach to selling your business for Its Maximum Value

Your detailed and comprehensive insight into the proven processes and techniques applied to selling privately owned companies for a maximised valuation.

This book covers all aspects of the sale process, from the very reasons owners and shareholders decide to sell their businesses, through to the identification of and contact with potential acquirers and the final stages of qualification, negotiation and sale completion.

Each page contains invaluable insights into the sale process with insider tips, proven techniques and strategic methodologies which form essential parts of the sale process.

The principles and content discussed has been proven to successfully achieve sale prices, for businesses of all sizes, which considerably exceed initial offers from acquirers.

Every detail of this unique sales process is covered in this report as it unravels how so many owners and shareholders have achieved such impressive sale prices.

Whether you are considering selling your company imminently or simply planning for the future, this free insightful resource is essential reading and the first steps to transforming your future and that of your business and staff.

I Sold Up

Personal journeys through the single most important transaction you will ever undertake... 

This 143-page, high-quality paperback is a collection of real-life stories from eleven entrepreneurs who built up their business through blood, sweat and tears and took the often difficult decision to sell. This book seeks to explore their very different reasons for exit. The stories are compelling; they are not at all about financial issues, but instead address the human-interest questions, such as:

'What is it really like to sell a business?'
'What are the stresses and strains?'
'What does it feel like after it's all over, the final signatures are applied, and the funds are transferred?'
A truly entertaining and insightful read - a 'must' for any business owner.