About BCMS Corporate

At BCMS Corporate, we’ve attained the position as the UK’s market leader in the sale of privately owned companies. We put it down to our refreshingly different approach. Our clients choose us because, unlike many other companies who simply react to buyers who approach them, we actively create a market of bidders.
We work from the premise that all value is determined by the buyer and not necessarily by prevailing market conditions. In other words, we promote the value of your company based both on its future potential and its past performance. Because we think differently, we are able to achieve significantly higher sales values on your behalf than other less visionary companies.
When you allow us to represent you, you’ll be assigned a team of highly skilled professionals to represent you. Of course, you’ll want to find out more about our refreshingly different approach before you make your decision.
You may choose to attend one of our free seminars or you can simply download our ‘A refreshingly different approach to selling your business for its maximum value’ e-book before you go any further.
Why do so Many Business Owners Choose Us?
As a privately owned business ourselves, we understand that when you are seeking to sell your company, it’s personal. Your business is the product of a lifetime of hard work and commitment.
Working ethically on your behalf, we calculate the true worth of your company based on both its past performance as well as its future potential. The result – a significantly more profitable outcome for you.
The Leaders in UK Business Sales
Over 25 years, we’ve built up a reputation based on trust, integrity and mutual respect. In fact, we’re proud recipients of the coveted Coutts Bank Family Business of the Year Award.
BCMS Corporate also holds and maintains a ‘Dunn & Bradstreet Rating 1’ indicating the highest level of creditworthiness and minimum risk of failure. This rating has been recognised as a leading predictive indicator for assessing company risk and prospects. Only 15% of all UK companies are in this category.
Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to take us at our word. We have many satisfied clients who we have helped achieve maximum value for their business.
You can read their testimonials to see how they’ve benefited from working with BCMS Corporate.